The 60 Second Poem

1 11 2009

The 60 second poem is so hard to write
With too many words and time so tight
Where do you begin? Do you hope the words just flow?
Damn, I just wasted 10 seconds. Now there’s only 50 seconds to go

I could do roses are red and violets are blue
But with my luck, I”ll probably get sued
Haiku’s are short and their not that intense
But if you ask me, they don’t make any sense

I can do a poem like Ralph Waldo Emerson
Or a few line like Henry Thoreau
But I better make up my mind soon
Cause I have only 30 seconds to go

Tick Tock, Tick Tock
My time is running thin
How can I finish my poem?
If I really didn’t begin

I have an idea, it may be my answer
To get me out of this bind
It may not work, but what the heck
I’m almost out of time

Dear Friends, a 60 second poem to write
No problem, I said with a nod and a wink
Yet, let us save this for another time
For my pen, I’m afraid, has run out of ink




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