Born to Paint ( Bob Ross vs The Boss)

24 11 2009

After 20 years in the Air Force I decided to heed another call
With the mountain sides on a sunny day, mixed with the beauty of the colors of fall
Told me that I should find a canvas
An old paintbrush and begin a legacy that will last
Baby, this art you can do at low cost
Just follow me, Bob Ross, you won’t get lost
I know that my work gets a lot of complaints
But artists like you and me, Baby we were born to paint

The blank canvas calls to me everyday
As I pass by my artist studio
Painting pictures is a passion I have
And that I share in my home videos
The PBS stations are still running my shows
Who knew I ‘d be a hit, a skinny white guy with a red afro
If you watch me for just 30 minutes a day
I’ll take all your painting blues away
And remember when I give you my hints
There is no bad painting, there is only happy accidents

Across the background I spread the paint to create a new landscape
With Van Dyke Brown and Midnight Black
They help me to escape
Titanium White with a hint of Indian Yellow
Makes the sun behind the clouds a little brighter
As I fan it with my painting knife
I add a touch of my script liner

One, two , three brush strokes

My canvas is jammed with wet on wet based pigments depicting a mountainside
With just a hint of Mother Nature giving winter a place to hide
Together we’ll explore the beauty of art
And I hope it can start the beauty that painting shows
Someday folks I hope you remember me and you always believe
No matter how many paintings of yours get complaints
Artists like you and me, Baby we were Born To Paint
Artists like you and me, Baby we were Born To Paint
That’s right, artists like you and me, Baby we were Born To Paint




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