Holiday Week

26 11 2009

Thanksgiving week is a series of little white lies
With a buffet table of food and people wearing last year’s Christmas ties
Mark the calendar, set your watch and remember the date
The holiday approaches and for no one it waits

Turkey with stuffing and fresh-baked pumpkin pie
Cranberries, potatoes and veggies will expand our stomachs so wide
Toss in a football game to make the holiday complete
There’s no time to talk, but plenty of time to eat

After dinner, Grandpa takes to the sofa for some snoozing quiet time
I guess all that turkey did him in, not to mention the two bottles of wine
Grandma is just the talk of the evening as she remembers family lore
As the night goes on she talks longer and louder, mostly due to Grandpa’s snores

And so a festive occasion winds down, but a new one has already begun
I swear the mall’s Christmas decorations were put up on July 1
Yet the real meaning of Thanksgiving is so simple and so real
It’s not only celebrating with loved ones,
but getting a good night sleep before Black Friday Deals




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