American Pie Part II

3 12 2009

A long, long time ago I wrote a song that made all the people smile
Though it was back in 71
People still sing it just for fun
And it’s always playing somewhere on the dial

When they hear the song, it’s me they think of
As they search my name on Wikipedia
Google to see if I look the same
Or am I an older Don McLean

Instead of playing guitar and singing the blues
I decided to show them what I can do
Tell them what I’ve been up to
Here’s American Pie Part II

They said, ” Goodbye Mr. American Pie.”
They thought I was a troubadour who would roll over and die
But just like the Bee Gees, I am Stayin Alive
Still singing my American Pie
I’ll sing it till the day that I die

After my epic monster hit
The music industry made me sick
All they wanted was another #1 smash
They said, ” The last one was just a little to long.
Even though it made the people sing along,
We prefer it under 3 minutes or you will never last.”

Well I looked the record company right in the eye
But before I had a chance to ask them why
They took my contract away
And said, ” Thank you and Have A Nice Day.”

And I just felt like a Forest Gump
As they kicked me to the curb by the rump
But the music was the thing that would lift me back up
That day, the music, didn’t die
I started singing


Vincent was the next release to hit the air
When it only reached #12, people started to stare
Another one hit wonder who couldn’t stay
But the 70’s were good to me and I was still OK
Because my music was popular over in the UK
I had more hits there than in the US of A

Wonderful Baby showed that I wasn’t quite dying
Followed up by a great version of the classic Crying
But like it’s said, You Can’t Blame The Train
For critics and fans will always complain

Eventually I found Love In My Heart
When I went down and took a Nashville start
I was too young to be called an old fart
Again the music wouldn’t die
I started singing


In the 80’s I still played and gave the world Love Tracks
But like The Beatles, people still expect another Get Back
I’m just a guy who writes some songs
But I want you all along for the ride
Half the fun is when your by my side
And with my music you know you can’t go wrong

Now the industry today is pre programmed hip hop
Where the words and the music never seem to stop
The loud beat makes them dance
But the meaning of the music has no chance

So I carry on with my six string guitar
Doing the music that has carried me this far
Singing for you because you are the star
That’s why the music never dies
We started singing


To concert venues all over the place
You can still see me, like reruns of Lost in Space
I’m doing solo or I have a little band
So come on Jack, so come on Jill
Use your AARP card if you will
There’s a discount if you use it I understand

And though I’ve just turned 64
I won’t give you less, I’ll give you more
No music critic will ever dare say
Don McLean didn’t give it his all today

While other acts may fade out of sight
I’m still playing my music most every night
I’m just doing what I think is really right
That’s why the music still alive
I was singing


I met a girl once after a show
She wanted to thank me before she had to go
And how she enjoys American Pie
She said she was concerned about my weight
So from a small box she handed me a plate
Of a piece of sugar-free apple pie

And in that moment it came to me
How my music touches one’s mortality
I gave her one soft kiss
Then I offered her just one wish

In life you do just what you know
And in return the world will show
That the words we say makes the love grow
And that’s why my music hasn’t died
And they started singing




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