Ode to a Mugglecast

8 12 2009

I’m weaving into another great Mugglecast
Oh how I wish the discussion would always last
As I listen to them talk from new Dell laptop
Please J.K.Rowling, don’t make them stop

The podcasts I listen to each and every day
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
When a new one appears, I have to listen to it real soon
It’s my own Mugglecast Situation Room

They discuss the books, films and actors and everything in between
From a small subplot to what happens behind the scenes
The podcasts are my potions, an internet source of magical waters
That make me countdown to the opening of
The Wizardly World of Harry Potter

So join me now where the parents dare not to go
Inside a time and place, a world that can’t control
Escape with my friends and I, where the discussions would always last
As we weave into another great Mugglecast




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