The Vacationalist Debutante

10 12 2009

The life of a vacationalist debutante is one of a special breed
Who lives from a set of suitcases not for want, yet in need
The world is but her home address as she travels the corners of the globe
Never having had the chance to call any one place a home

As a child her parents took her to places others dream about
Paris, Rome, the Amazon Jungle and a few we can’t pronounce
Christmas in Belgium, Thanksgiving in Prague and
New Year’s Eve in New York Times Square
The memories of her life could fill a scrapbook to the stratosphere

Dinners with the Head of State of every foreign speaking land
Sitting through sets of political conversations she really didn’t understand
Hide and seek with bellhops and playing doll house with chambermaids
And if by chance you made a friend your own age, you were in a new country the next day

Growing up on the social elite, seeing life from a balcony’s view
Never finding that special one, never finding the real you
Once her parents had moved on, she had no choice but to follow their steps
Living in the life of luxury gave way to a luxury life of regret

Now a woman set in her ways, with no close friends or family
She travels the world not to escape, but to embrace her only reality
Money and status can buy you all you need, but never what you really want
Life can be unfair to everyone, even a vacationalist debutante




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