Raspberry Ice Cream

14 12 2009

I was walking on the beach on at summer dog day
With a tank top shirt that had a glow
The wind was whipping up the smell of the boardwalk
That’s when my hunger started to grow

I had to find something that would quench my soul
An answer to that hot August day
Then I saw a sign that would solve all my prayers
And this is what it had to say

We have fresh
Raspberry Ice Cream
It’s not store-bought, it’s all home churned
Raspberry Ice Cream
It will cool you down from your sunburn
Raspberry Ice Cream
I think I want some

So I stood in line in the hot, humid store
And took my shirt off to cool down
When I went to order the counter girl looked my way
And pointed to a sign that made me frown

It said ” We reserve the right to refuse anyone,
not because of color, race or religion.
We sell our ice cream to the whole wide world
But not if you look like Tank Top Tim.”

They sold fresh
Raspberry Ice Cream
But they told me that I would get none
Raspberry Ice Cream
Cause I was two-tone from walking in the sun
Raspberry Ice Cream
I still want some

I was so desperate to get some of that ice cream
Even gave a kid a $100 dollars to get me a cone
Before I had a chance to tell him what size I wanted
He just took my cash and ran and left me all alone

Then I had an idea and went next door
Had a few tattoos put on parts of my upper body
And when i got back to the front of the line
I ask the counter girl if she liked my new red blazing NBA jersey

I got my
Raspberry Ice Cream
I bought enough to buy out the store
Raspberry Ice Cream
And tomorrow I think I will go back for more
Raspberry Ice Cream
I really like it

Raspberry Ice Cream
Raspberry Ice cream

Little Red Corvette ( Prince )




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