A Day in a Prez’s Life

28 12 2009

I missed the game this year oh boy
I had to work late and ran out of time
There are so many things that are on my plate
And there is no debate
The World just cannot wait

I circle my calendar every year
But things change when you live in a White House
I thought this job came with some perks
The main reason I ran was for
When Duke and UNC played
I’d be sitting next to Coach K on his parquet floor

I tried to get a friend to record the game
Showed him how the DVR worked and everything
Somehow he copied the Young and Restless
I thought this came with his job
Of one of the duties of the Vice-President

I love this basketball game

Next year, I’ll pass a law
Make Duke our National Basketball
There will be one game that will have its own holiday
And all the world will watch it on TV
Watching Cameron Indoor Stadium
Will lift the world from its doldrums
Then my alarm goes off and it’s not what it seems
As my wife leans over and says it’s all a dream

I missed the game today oh boy
I hope they repeat it on ESPN 2
But next year I will have a score to settle
I will be in attendance there
Even if I have to dress up like the Duke Blue Devil
I love this basketball game



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