A Nilsson Point of View

22 01 2010

I saw her in a restaurant
In a little town that’s South of France
A place where people go when life is strange

She didn’t see me, I don’t know why
But when she entered she caught my eye
Something told me things would suddenly change

The crowd was in their little world
And didn’t see this beautiful girl
Not a parting glance or single word was said

She sat alone in the corner booth
The light was low where she hid the truth
As she asked for a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread

With jet black hair and eyes of blue
The kind that you can see right through
And skin as warm as a summer day

From her purse she pulled a cigarette
When she struck the match, our eyes had met
She spoke to me by motioning my way

Slowly she raised the glass to me
As if to say it’s nice to be
Noticed from afar in such a place

I walked across the crowed floor
Expected less, instead of more
As I sat I noticed the tears upon her face

Up close she looked like a forgotten child
Trapped inside an adult without a smile
Where the loneliness is your only friend

Reaching out my hand touched hers
And I felt inside that her loves still burns
She was at a crossroads and not the end

As I looked deeply in her eyes
To ask her just a simple why
She put her finger gently on my lips

She didn’t speak, there was no need to
Our eyes spoke the language of the truth
As she poured a glass of wine for me to sip

The music box had filled the air
And Frank Sinatra was everywhere
Singing to all the lovers in the night

The dance floor sat there all alone
Made of store bought cobblestone
Asking for someone to share the light

She took my hand and led me soon
To the center of the small dark room
And there we shared a dance from long ago

As we danced into a warm embrace
In my shoulder she hid her face
And in that moment the world had nowhere to go

We were swept into the melody
That helps us escape the reality
Of where we are and where we’d like to be

It was like a movie from the yesterday
Where words unsaid had more to say
Until the music made them all to see

A simple line from a little tune
Can brighten up a darkened room
It’s funny how music can save a single soul

It takes you to another time
Where you are you and I me mine
And somehow fills the voids that we all know

Just when you thought you have reached that place
The music stops and you must face
The magic is still there if you believe

When the song was gone she looked at me
And what was there I could finally see
As she turned away and started to leave

There was a life she belonged in
And what she needed was a 3 minute friend
She thanked me from the warmness of her eyes

The lights had raised to warn the few
The last call was looking for me and you
Reminding us there is a reason why

She grabbed her coat and walked to the door
Looking back she nodded once more
As if to say I thank for your time

Into the night she disappeared
As the closing door brought in the cold air
She would be forever on my mind

And this is just a Nilsson point of view
If this should ever happen to you
Don’t be afraid and give life one more chance

So if your looking for some truth
I know this cozy, corner booth
In a little restaurant in the South of France




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