Viva North Florida

29 01 2010

Bright sunshine is a calling me as we head down on south 95
Warm breeze kicking in my hair with the windows down as we drive
We have a gig down in Jacksonville, where the warm water is better than any pill
At Wicky Wacky’s Ticky Tacky Surf Shop and Grille

Viva North Florida
Viva North Florida

4 musicians in a beat up van looking for a sunnier place
Gonna catch some rays by the swimming pool, put a suntan on our face
And if the beach girls don’t like us at all, we just have to put in one simple call
Let them talk to our good friend Sir Paul

Viva North Florida, where the tourists don’t go
They travel further south to see a mouse in Orlando
Viva North Florida, we see you in our sights
When we reach the Sunshine State everything will be alright

Palm trees are lining up and down the road, we’re counting down the minutes each mile
We can’t wait for the fun to begin as we try to hold back our smiles
Get set, get ready, now here we go. Once we reach town there’s one thing you should know
It’s party time with Danny and the Demos

Viva North Florida
Viva North Florida
Viva Viva North Florida



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