Constipation Won

23 04 2010

Revolution 1 ( The Beatles )

You say you have some constipation
Well I know
We all get stuffed up time to time
Looking for a good solution
Well I know
What can release the ties that bind
But when you talk about digestion
There’s only one thing that will clean you out
And it is called chocolate Ex-Lax
Ex-Lax, Ex-Lax

It generally produces movement
Well I know
I’ve used this product in the past
In usually from 6 to 12 hours
Well I know
You’ll be able to step on the gas
But don’t take too much it could cause an accident
And you’ll be walking around wearing Depends
And it’s called chocolate Ex-Lax
Ex-lax, Ex-lax

So if you don’t follow a good diet
Well I know
With enough fiber to get it done
You’ll be in the losing section
Well I know
And Constipation would have won
So do me a favor and follow the fiber facts
Or end up forever popping chocolate Ex-Lax
I’m talking about chocolate Ex-Lax
Ex-lax, Ex-Lax




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