Pumpkin Pie

24 04 2010

Honey Pie ( The Beatles )

It’s such a fine dessert
And good this time of season
Matches the fall colors
When not cooked overdone
And if I can offer one tip
Have on hand Cool Whip

Pumpkin Pie you are making me hungry
Your smell is so yummy
I want to take you home

Oh, Pumpkin Pie your taste is fantastic
It makes me ecstatic
Don’t ever leave me alone

You can have your Cherry and your Apple pie
There’s no other dessert I know
That if I can’t have, I’d surely die

Oh, Pumpkin pie you’re my number one pick
You never make me sick
I can never have enough

Every Halloween when the Jack-O-lanterns are out
Leaves no room for doubt
You’ll be close to me

Pumpkin pie, I’ll be seeing you soon
And I’m making room
When you come to my home




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