27 05 2010

Can’t You See ( Marshall Tucker Band )

Now I’m turning 50, my doctor did tell me, now
It’s time for a little probe
Just a small procedure, to check out my intestines
Cause now is the time, since I’m getting old
He explained to me, oh, what it would be
A simple quick test, now
To look inside of me
He told me, oh, and I couldn’t believe
For it was time, for my Colonoscopy

He set up a time and a prescription
So that he can crawl up inside of me
I went home and followed the instructions, now
And took the liquid religious
And I peed, excessively
Starved my stomach, until it was empty
Then at three, he saw me
For it was time, for my Colonoscopy

The last thing that I remembered laying on the sheet
Is what a pretty nurse did say
Don’t worry, this won’t hurt now
But did I mention it’s my first day
Help me please, oh, help me please
I got some rookie, probing inside of me
Let me see, oh, let me see
If I’m still a man, after my colonoscopy




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