Being for the Benefit of Jimmy A

29 08 2010

Being For The Benefit of Jimmy A
( Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite )

For the benefit of Jimmy A
That’s why we work each day with a 5 second delay
It’s not because he likes to swear
It’s just because he’s not aware
He’s on the air
Sometimes in the moment he gets carried away with the bit
So our finger is always on the MUTE IT
The celebrated Jimmy A
Enjoys life on the red carpet, what can I say
His interviews do always please
As we fall down in laughter to our knees
But sometimes he has a tendency to cross the line when he interviews a star
That’s why the mute button is never that far
Our show it goes from 5 to 10
And somewhere in there, we don’t know when
Jimmy will say
A thought that may cross a fine line
It is just a matter of time, it’ll find ya
We’ve tried to figure out why Jimmy A
Comes out with all the things he does
Maybe it’s because he’s from North Carolina
He spices up the morning drive
Prepares you for your 9 to 5, every week
You can’t turn off your radio
Because you might miss the time that Jimmy speaks
At least that gives us 13 Arbitron listeners
Because they all work for the FCC




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