A Day Just Like Duff’s

9 09 2010

A Day Just Like Duff’s
( A Day in the Life )

I thought that you all like to know
To walk in my shoes is so really cool
I live and breathe cakes everyday
I’m paid to work and play
What else more can I say

I dress in my best Bruin gear
Eat sushi and listen to Rock and Roll
This is the best job I have found
Now who could ask for more
A Charmed life in a city
That goes by the name Baltimore

The work here changes day to day
No two cakes here are ever the same
It is my culinary art
And there is no mistake
I’m your Ace of Cakes
I love to make a cake

Wake up, and come my hair ( Yeah Right )
Make sure I have clean underwear
Find my way downstairs and kick start the bike
Cruise through the city to Charm City Cakes
Unlock the door and grab my apron
Time to work and have some fun
Turn around and see all the friends, yahoo
Time to make magic on Remington Avenue

I am so glad you came along
Every Thursday Night at 10 o’clock
There’s one more thing that you should know
One day I might bestow
Your very own cake and a spot on my television show
I love to make a cake




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