Between Tomorrow and Today

24 09 2010

Somewhere on the coast between tomorrow and today
On a dark and covered beach washed away by yesterdays
Sits a fallen tree that stretches for the coming tide
Trying to escape , yet it doesn’t want to hide

The fog and clouds are rolling in as the wind begins to peak
To the unsuspecting watcher as it dances on her cheek
Staring so content at Old Mother Nature’s grasp
Living for the moment, yet dreaming of the past

The sounds are so relaxful as the surf slowly rests on shore
Giving back to a lonely beach, what it took before
Scanning the horizon as the waves forever ripple
Turning back the hands of time when it was so simple

But for every moment, I’m afraid this has to end
As we hope to remember this one, like an old dear friend
Take a picture in your heart and remember where you were that day
Somewhere on a coastline, between tomorrow and today




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