17 11 2010

Hey Jude ( The Beatles )

iTunes, it’s about time
Now I can download every Beatles song
What took you so long to get the rights
Was it because Yoko put up a fight?

iTunes, you won’t regret
Paying bucks for profit satisfaction
Everybody will win out in the end
Especially the Estate of Michael Jackson

And since the announcement had been sent
The Beatles are once again climbing the music charts
Buy them whole or one at a time for $1.29
As long as they knock out that Justin Bieber upstart

iTunes, your site might crash
With an onslaught of Beatles listeners
So remember the Fab Four at Christmas Time
For John, Paul, George and Ringo made you a whole hell richer

So enjoy this Magical Mystery ride
From Liverpool till they cross that famous road on the Abbey
From the first chord on I Want To Hold Your Hand
To The End of the one for Her Majesty

iTunes, the day has come
When the two Apple’s have Come Together
But remember it’s more about the music
And not how the music can get you richer
Richer, richer, richer, richer, richer oh

Buy buy buy buy buy buy, Buy buy buy buy on iTunes




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