Mix 107.3 Morning Show Rap

22 11 2010

My name is Jack Diamond, welcome to the Morning Show
Listen on the way to work or at home on the radio
From weekdays 5 to 10, it’s entertainment that is free
Just set your clock radio for Mix 107.3

We try to make your day with some laughter and songs
The best of today’s music, a place you can belong
With the Cavalcade O Comedy and the latest Yoga news
We can’t have all this fun, if not for listeners like you

I can’t do all this alone, it would drive one man insane
So let me introduce, the rest of my Morning Gang
First a little lady who gives traffic reports the final word
When she not talking clothes or her financee Oliver

My name is Aly, a Spanish and Journalism Grad
Whose likes to hang around in Georgetown, where the cup cakes are so rad
With my little dog izzy, and Oliver my main man
A trendy life we do lead any chance we can

I love the job I do, but early hours are a pain
But once I get here I laugh so hard, I can’t complain
But enough about me, it’s time for another one to rap
I like to pass it to Jimmy A, with a SNAP!

I’m Jimmy Alexander and my claim to fame
Is that I’m the #1 expert in the Dating game
Known through all D.C. and the surrounding borders
All my former dates have now issued me restraining orders

I answer all the phones in my control panel booth
Juggling many things as I tell the World my truth
Now let me pass it to, our newest friend name Brooke
And if your lucky one day, you might make her Kiss Book

Yo, Yo. I am Brooke the new girl in D.C.
You can tell by my name on these glasses, you see
I live in Cleveland Park and love to Rap serenade
Especially after a bottle or two of Cabernet

It’s great to be here in the Nation’s Capital
Seeing all the sights, boy it sure has it all
That’s all I have to say and I’m done rhyming
Now let me throw it back, to our own Jack Diamond

Thank you Brooke, Jimmy, Aly. Really love your show babe
I can’t believe they pay me money, for having fun each day
On the air for over 20 years and who knew it would be this good
As I stand here rapping at you, in my Jay-Z designer hood

On behalf of everyone, thank you. You are all tooooo kind
You make our mornings worthwhile, as you listen all the time
So as the holidays soon approach, to you we tip our hats
Hoped you like this Mix 107.3, Morning Show Rap




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