Sonny Jurgensen

11 12 2010

( Mrs Robinson / Simon and Garfunkel )

We’re calling you, Sonny Jurgensen
Your needed on the field and not the booth ( Yes it’s true )
Just one more snap, Sonny Jurgensen
To show the offense exactly how to play
( Hey, hey, hey, play today )

We all just can’t believe what we saw in the first half
Dallas running up and down the lines
Look around you, see those sadden Redskin Fans eyes
Can’t you put your jersey on one more time

Please one more pass, Sonny Jurgensen
Show them how a quarterback takes the lead ( Please, please ,please)
Wear Number 9, Sonny Jurgensen
To show them how it was done back in the day
( Hey, hey, hey. Play today )

Put on your helmet and take us down for a score
Show today’s players how it’s done
Like when we were 21 points down
And came back to beat Dallas 34-31

Move those chains, Sonny Jurgensen
90,000 fans are screaming your name
It’s not the same, Sonny Jurgensen
A classic one when he was on his game
( Hey, hey, hey. Let him play )




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