19 01 2011

(Camelot ) Richard Harris

It’s true! It’s true! It’s taken the World by storm
And now all of humanity must be warned

Our Social Network has gone too far this time
As the airwaves are filled with idle coerce
With useless things and quotes that cross the line
Every thought on our minds it seems
Good or bad, but usually quite terse
Too Much Information, if you ask me
In Twitterverse
Twitterverse! Twitterverse!
People’s posts are so bizarre
In Twitterverse! Twitterverse!
Going overboard and leaving cyper scars

Morning, Noon and Night their always tweeting
Constant communication and thumbs away
In short, the World’s immersed
A Worldwide Texting Curse
Detailing one’s life in every which way
In Twitterverse!

Twitterverse! Twitterverse!
I know it keeps us all abreast
But with Twitterverse! Twitterverse!
Sometimes, just give it a rest!!!!!!!

So next time when your on the PC or Mac Pro
Or grabbing that cell phone to share what you think
Keep it in your pocket or purse
Cause chances are you shouldn’t converse
Since 99.9% out there really STINKS!!!
In Twitterverse!




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