On this Date Jan 26

26 01 2011

On this date in 1970: John Lennon writes “Instant Karma!” in the morning and records it the same afternoon with producer Phil Spector and a backing “choir” assembled from pubcrawlers at London’s Hatchetts Club. Just imagine a pubcrawler’s conversation to his wife later that night. ” Where have you been? Your late for supper.” ” Me and the boys were recording a song with a Beatle. ” ” That’s it, no more going out with the boys for you!!!!!!!!”

On this date in 1855 – the Point No Point Treaty is signed in Washington Territory. This neutral line of reasoning was later updated on the CBS show ” 60 Minutes” as Point, Counter Point.

On this date in 1960 – Danny Heater sets a worldwide high school basketball scoring record when he records 135 points for Burnsville High School (West Virginia). Never has a last name been more appropriate.

On this date in 1962, Chubby Checker’s the “Twist” is ruled impure and is banned from all Catholic schools. The good news, the ” Hokey Pokey ” was spared.

On this date in 1957, India annexes Kashmir. Luckily the neighboring sweater cities of Acrylic, Cotton and Polyester were spared.




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