On this Date Jan 28

28 01 2011

On this date in 1521 – The Diet of Worms ( the Diets or parliaments of the Holy Roman Empire located in Worms, Germany) begins, lasting until May 25. This event was later made into a movie starring Jim Varney and was called ” Ernest Goes on a Diet Of Worms.”

On this date in 1958 – The Lego company patents the design of its Lego bricks, still compatible with bricks produced today. The word Lego is derived from the Danish words “leg godt” which in Danish means “play well”. Of course in American it is known, as the greedy kids think it stands for, LET GO!!!!!!!!!

On this date in 1968: During their tour in Australia, members of The Who and the Small Faces, among others, are escorted off their flight from Adelaide to Essendon for drinking beer on the plane, being rowdy, and using “very bad language.” Two of the flight’s four female attendants are said to be in tears. When brought to the attention of their group manager Jimmy Dugan, of “A League Of Their Own” fame, he retorted, ” CRYING!!! CRYING!!! There’s no CRYING in Rock and Roll!!!!!”




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