I Didn’t Do It!!!!!

14 02 2011

It’s six o’clock when my key hits the front door
Time to relax after a hard day on the sales floor
Before my coat is off and ” Hi Honey, I’m Home.”
I hear a soft murmur gaining a defining tone
Around the corner come my kids with a burst of speed
Telling me something that I have to really believe

( Chorus )
I didn’t do it !!!
I didn’t do it !!!
Whatever you see, it wasn’t me
I didn’t do it !!!
I didn’t do it !!!
Cross my heart, I didn’t have a part
Been in my room all the afternoon
I didn’t do it !!!
I didn’t do it !!!

As I peered around and surveyed the scene
It looked like a Hurricane came through on a freight train
Pictures and lamps scattered on the rugs and tile
All my CD’s out of their case, stacked up in a pile
Overturned furniture all over the place
While my two little kids look at me with an innocent face

( Chorus )

The dog was shaved and dressed as a baby doll
The microwave was ripped from the kitchen wall
My wife was wrapped in a Charmin cocoon
Hanging from the ceiling fan in the family room
And now both my kids are wearing our toilet seats
As they look up at me and innocently repeat

( Chorus )

Chorus and Fade Out




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