Ode to The Fanny Pack

12 03 2011

A piece of clothing accessory that has gotten a bad rap
A small fabric pouch with a zipper and a strap
Known in many countries by different names, that’s a fact
But here in the U.S., we call it a Fanny Pack

Worn around the waist and traditionally facing the rear
The pouch was moved to the front, because of pick pocket fears
Belt bag, belly bag, Buffalo pouch and hip sack
No mater what you call it, it’s still a Fanny pack

Popular in the 80’s and early 90’s too
An extra pocket it gave us, for over sized items, it’s true
Wallets, cameras, water bottles and snacks
Oh how we were in love, with our Fanny Packs

Yet alas in today’s World, this wardrobe has been dismissed
Now associated with Nerds, Old People and Tourists
It’s style and grace has now been met with some flack
A relic of its time, my old Fanny Back

But today we rejoice as March 12th arrives
A day we clip up, to show the fad is still alive
In unison we march as we proudly display
Showing off our pouches on International Fanny Pack Day



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