It’s Maryland Day

25 03 2011

It’s Maryland Day, what can I say
A proud state in the Old U S of A
Bordering Virginia, West Virginia and D.C.
Not to mention Pennsylvania and Delaware by the sea

A Mid-Atlantic region with so many things to see and do for sure
A variety of topography, hence its nickname, “America in Miniature”
From sandy dunes to low marshlands, oak forests and mountains west
It’s time you get to know our state and why we think it’s the best

Oyster stew, Maryland Crab soup, Berger cookies
Ocean City has a Ban against girls name Snooki
National Bohemian beer at an O’s opening day
Cracking open crabs dipped in lots of Old Bay

Sno-Balls, Thrasher’s fries and Pollock Johnnie’s hot dogs on a bun
Bromo-seltzer, domino sugar, and Cal Ripken, hon
Rockville, Pikesville, Hyattsville, Forestville
And somewhere off 95 in Laurel, they call it Scaggsville

Take a walk round any Main Street on a summer night
Or down in Baltimore with the district of red lights
Go to Sugarloaf mountain when the colors turn in fall time
Then take a walk along the famous Mason-Dixon Line

Old Line State, Free State
Come and join us we can’t wait
Babe Ruth, Francis Scott Key
Even Frank Zappa is part of our history

The first railroad station in the U.S.
Kunta Kinte arrived on the shores of Annapolis
America’s first umbrellas were produced here
The home of Edgar Allen Poe, before he got weird

Kermit the Frog’s Dad, Jim Henson grew up here as a teen
A graduate of Maryland, before singing ” It’s Not Easy Being Green”
Tilghman Island is home to the Skipjacks
Once you get on board, you just can’t wait to get back

The Preakness Stakes is part of the Triple Crown
The home of Ace of Cakes, it makes Charm City proud
With 27 lighthouses looking out for you
There’s so much you can see and things you can do

It’s Maryland Day, what can I say
Come on over and join us in a neighborly way
We’ll save you a seat with a crab mallet and brew
As we watch the Bay Bridge and it’s gorgeous sunset view




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