Teddy and the Nats

2 06 2011

Casey at the Bat   (Washington Nationals Style)

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for a certain President that day
At Nationals Park during the fourth inning of play
The game was all tied under a clear blue D.C. sky
As those in attendance waited for the four politician guys

Since 2006 this Mount Rushmore race has ran
Out from right field onto the warning track sand
In all kinds of weather, their always at the ready
Our former White House leaders; George, Abe, Tom, and Teddy

10 feet tall men with large caricature foam heads
They bolt down the first base line to the home plate finish ahead
Dressed in period costumes or sometimes baseball attire
Running not for their country, but for the fans who inspire

At first glance all is well, this race at home games
But a second look at the results, shows something stays the same
Six years strong and one fact that has always been
No matter how hard he tries, Teddy Never Wins

His inability to win has made him the fan’s favorite
Bully for him, as he “Speaks softly and carries a Louisville stick”
So many games that he has been upstaged
That people talk about it on his “Let Teddy Win” facebook page

Ranging from tripping, to confusion, to striking up conversations with fans
Teddy’s shutout and his antics are known across baseball land
He can’t catch a break, at a game night or day
Even when 42,000 showed up for Teddy’s bobblehead giveaway

Oh what can be done to let him reach his finish line hurrah
So he will never be the Poster President for Murphy’s Law
And being immortalized like the poem “Casey at the Bat”
Always finding a way to lose “Teddy and the Nats ”

Wait, I have it, a plan will finally submerge
And it goes by the name of Steven Strasburg
He’s lying in waiting to help our Teddy Bear
Coming back from Tommy John surgery next year

The park will be electric on that 2012 opening day
The seats and the concourse will be filled every which way
This year’s season will prepare us for the next
When Teddy and the team will finally cure the hex

The stars will allign and the pieces fall into place
As the Washington baseball team will battle for first place
No longer the doormat of the National League East
From that day on, we will be the team the beat

So take this to heart, please don’t panic, stay calm
And a fair warning to George, Abe and Tom
The 26th President will achieve victory, that’s a fact
It will be a new beginning for ” Teddy and the Nats”




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