Sarah Palin’s Version of Paul Revere’s Ride

3 06 2011

Listen my children and you shall hear with pride
Sarah Palin’s version of Paul Revere’s Ride
As she toured Boston and it’s Freedom Trail
She enlightened the world of this famous American tale

So eloquently put as she usually does
As she back-PACS this summer creating a buzz
Retelling our history at every bus stop
Making us spellbound and our jaws drop

To paraphrase her will just not do
For her own words, thyself be true
How dare I add to her knowledgable torch
From a woman who can see Russia, from her front porch

As the microphones poised in front with intent
She spoke with the grace of a future President
So nibble with words and history galore
She gave Paul Revere facts, they never heard before

“He who warned, uh, the British alarm
They weren’t going to take away our arms
Uh, by ringing those bells all around
And, um by riding his horse all over town

To send those warning shots and bells for sure
And that uh we were going to be secure
And going to be free” she said as she strolled
Showing us the NEW Sarah Palin is the Same as the Old

For in the next instance, she was gone in a flash
Back on the bus and her vacation blast
And if at the next stop, it’s her that you see
Please tell her it was “One if by land,and two if by sea,”




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