Old DJ’s

20 06 2011

Glory Days ( Bruce Springsteen)

I knew a time that wasn’t that long ago
on the airwaves
You tuned in to hear the people between
All the songs that they would play, boy
The stories and tales that they would all tell
I was wide eyed and so memorized
But now it’s nothing but pre-programed hits
Oh how I really miss those guys

Old DJ’s, up and down the dial
Old DJ’s, how they used to bring us smiles
Old DJ’s, Old DJ’s

Up late at night as I searched for the sounds
With my little AM-FM radio
And Friday nights I’d stay up till dawn
Until I would find that familiar voice I know
Then I’d pretend that I was with him on air
Playing music and taking calls
We both would be howling at the moonlight stars
And taking the dedications
Those were the best times I recall


But now when you tune in there’s no difference
They all sound alike
Repeating the top ten again and again
Never branching out from the mike
Gone are the days when you played what you want
When the music took us for a ride
Escaping inside a box of transistors
Oh how I really miss those guys


So much for the days of album sides and back of the rack
No more sounds of that pop, scratch or hiss
The age of vinyl and that deep in groove sound
Is something I will always miss
Yeah, the iPod crowd will never know how it feels
The Golden Age of Radio in it’s hey day
Never knowing the distinct voices
Of those forgotten old DJ’s

Chorus (repeat twice)




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