Sometimes ( Dreams)

1 07 2011

Sometimes Dreams
Take you where you want to go
While other times
It’s best you never know
Caught in a landslide
Of hidden love and fears
One more journey
That can bring you to tears

Sometimes Life
Is not what it should be
Hidden pleasures
That we can not see
A moment in time
We try to capture each day
But before we do
We let it slip away

Sometimes we just try our best and
Sometimes we can’t pass the test
Sometimes it is not enough and
Sometimes these times are so tough

Sometimes Love
Is not worth all the pain
Too many hardships
And excuses to explain
So many questions
And no answers to blame
It’s enough to drive
Anyone insane…..



Sometimes Things
Are better left unexplained
Sometimes Love
Is a search all in vein
Sometimes Life
Just makes you shake your head
Sometimes Dreams
Are what you need instead

Sometimes Dreams
Sometimes Dreams

Repeat and Fade Out




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