Twitter and the Weiner Man

1 07 2011

Tweeter and The Monkey Man (Traveling Wilburys)

Twitter and the Weiner man were from different worlds
But soon the two would collide and one life soon unfurl
One’s a media that specializes in what’s on one’s mind
The other is a Senator who had way too much time

The Senator thought it sexy that if he did post
Pictures of his abs and boxers so he could boast
To several young ladies across the World Wide Web
And not thinking of his wife, but just he’s ego instead

( Chorus )
And then the news got round and onto Capital Hill
People talking while their gawking
People couldn’t get their fill

When it found the light of day, the media did attack
The Weiner man did replied, ” My Twitter must have been hacked.
I’d never do such a thing to my constituents, so dear
Just a case of identity thief, who had a bone to share I fear

He took that stance for the next few days
Claiming Twitter was the main cause
That their security software was a little limp
And didn’t quite have the balls
But a couple of ladies spoke up with new pictures for proof
With the Senator showing off his abs, and part of his birthday suit


Soon there was a call to arms by both the left and right
Calling for his resignation for those online sights
Weiner held on dearly hoping for a master bait and switch
Looking for a way out since his life now was a bitch

Another set of pictures produced, so now he had no choice
To finally call a press conference and speak in shameful voice
“The Bad News is I will step down for the things I showed the world
The Good News I’m the new centerfold
In the next issue of Playgirl”


Just when you thought you heard it all, a new twist appears
Something so bittersweet that can bring anyone to tears
Seems while Weiner was tweeting, he was still attentive to his wife
And as a result they both will soon be expecting a little life

We thought he learned his lesson and the errors of his ways
But last week he confessed to still doing his old twitter sexting phase
What’s the city to do and who to vote in race for mayor
Vote for Anthony Weiner or write in Carlos Danger???




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