Blunder Road

30 08 2011

Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)

With mike in hand, Michelle’s dress waves
As she addresses the crowd who came out to the rally to hear the things she has to say
Boy, orator speaking is so hard
When you don’t read the things off the cue cards
Every new whistle-stop
Gives the old You Tube crowd a new bumper crop
But it’s not the first, you’ve said your fair share of quotes in the past, no lie
Like mixing up John Wayne’s and wishing Happy Birthday to Elvis on the day he died
Must be in the air, with women candidates alright
Republican winter’s don’t treat you right
Or that tea your drinking is spiked

You blamed Jimmy Carter for the Swine Flu break out
When Gerald Ford was in charge, walking and falling about
Said carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful, but there’s not one study that shows it is
Well I’m no genius, that’s a fact madam
But I don’t think a Founding Father was John Quincy Adams
What history book did you once read
One put out by the Tea Party?
As she rolls down the highway and spreads her message from the highest steeples
And asking a tent filled Christian Midwest crowd “Who Likes White People”?
You may not have won a Nobel Prize
But I know you have intelligent design
Who’s your kin, are you related to Sarah Palin

Oh oh Michele Bachmann
The new Ms. Soundbite of 2011
Oh oh oh oh Blunder Road, oh Blunder Road, oh Blunder Road
Walking out there waiting for the media to strike
But the only enemy to you is an open mike
Oh oh oh oh Blunder Road, alright, news gold, Blunder Road

Well they got their cameras and just waiting till you start to talk
While your husband dances in the background and the people stare and gawk
From your front porch you may not see Russia
Just hope you can spell Minnesota
And I know your words are lonely from thoughts misspoken
Or is it a message from God that made you awoken
Are the ghosts of Alaskan candidates getting in your way
And are you afraid when Saturday Night Live comes back on with a certain Tina Fey
Once you say something that is one big misquote
Tomorrow your surely the latest joke
And before you can set the record straight
The world is holding you up for debate
The only chance you have according to the online blogs
Keep your mouth shut and stay away from photo ops with all corn dogs




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