Hackety Hack

4 09 2011

Yakety Yak (The Coasters)

Turn on my computer last night
And came upon a Facebook fright
Someone got into my profile
And it has gotten me quite riled
Hackety Hack, (Don’t post that)

Some random phishing caught my page
And left my life so quite upstaged
I feel like crap and such a turd
Someone had found out my password
Hackety Hack, (Don’t post that)

They changed my picture and my stats
And made up posts and other facts
I’m not the man I used to be
My homepage is now so savvy
Hackety Hack (Imagine That)

At first it made me so annoyed
But now I do simply enjoy
I’m more popular it’s the truth
As my friend count is through the roof
Hackety Hack (How bout that)

Hackety Hack, Got the knack
Hackety Hack, How bout that
Hackety Hack, Cool now Jack
Hackety Hack, Imagine that




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