Commuter Miles

8 09 2011

Gilligan’s Island (Opening Theme)

Just sit right down
And I’ll tell you a tale
A tale of commuter loops
That started when she was driving home
Inside her Mini Coop
The driver was Elaine A Lasky
Who is a registered Nurse
Trying to drive a short way home
That turned into a three-hour curse
A three-hour curse

The weather started getting wet
Her little car deluged
The torrential rains that she did face
Were enormous, loud and huge
Enormous, Loud and Huge

She finally found here driveway
And through the front did request
A glass of wine
Homemade cookies
Some cold ice cream
And a hug
A deep back rub
One full hour in a hot bathtub
To rest for tomorrow’s Commuter Miles




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