Red Wine Whine

15 09 2011

Red Red Wine (UB40)

Red Wine Whine
That’s what I got
Cause I forgot, to bring
My Driver’s ID

Red Wine Whine
I need a glass
Nicely I ask, still no
But I’m not giving up
No, I’m not giving up

I begin
To explain
I’m twenty-eight
I know I am
He replies
I’m sorry I can’t serve you mam

Red Wine Whine
So close to me
And it’s well in my reach
He leaves me no choice
But raise my voice

Excuse me, do you know who I am
A proud, proper Washingtonian
Well known on-air personality
5 to 10 on MIX 107.3
Go online and check out my website
It gives you all my stats and tells you I’m alright
You can call my Mother or my Dad
You don’t want me angry, you don’t want me mad
One glass of wine won’t bring the World to an end
Google me on Facebook and I’ll confirm you friend
Hey there, excuse me, listen to me
I can hook you up my pal here, her name is Aly
Red Wine Whine has taken over my soul
Haven’t had a drink since Sunday you know
Just a little glass is all I ask
Before I come over there and KICK your ass, yeah

Red Wine Whine
Red Wine Whine
Red Wine Whine

Fade Out




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