Tanning Mom

9 05 2012

Timothy ( The Buoys)

There at a booth in New Jersey
Lays a Mom and her 5-year-old child
Just her, the girl and UV’s
When news broke across the media land
We couldn’t believe what we did see
My God that tan

Tanning Mom, Tanning Mom, how long you been in there?
Tanning Mom, Tanning Mom, singe marks in you hair

Lady in red tried to state her case
But somehow the words she spoke were lost
As we stared at her face
Gazing at her reminded me
Of the Road Runner cartoons and that
Blown up Wile E. Coyote

Tanning Mom, Tanning Mom, you think you had enough?
Tanning Mom, Tanning Mom, skin so red and tough

As she broke free from the interview
I saw on her bare back what could explain
Just why she does the things she do
There was a tattoo that you could read
Please set me in an oven and bake
To 400 degrees

Tanning Mom, Tanning Mom, lives in a tan salon
Tanning Mom, Tanning Mom, with a face that is long gone

Tanning Mom…..




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