Pictures of Rainbows

12 07 2012

Pictures of rainbows
Invisible notes
A heart house to live in
When I need it the most
Hugs and kisses
Affections of love
More than I expected
But never enough

Imaginative stories
From innocent minds
With no thoughts of sadness
Tampered by age or time
Lost in a world
From so long ago
Where the eyes of a child
Is what we love so

Outside the lines
And all over the place
With so much to do
By the look on their face
Asking our wisdom
So eager to know
They melt my heart
As it nurtures my soul

Pictures of Rainbows
On a stainless steel frame
Brings sunshine to mornings
When the world brings us rain
Messages written
In invisible pens
Keeps our lives in perspective
Forever, now and then




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