If the World ( Mattie’s Wish)

17 07 2012

Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek (July 17, 1990 ā€“ June 22, 2004)….Happy Birthday Mattie

If the World could make peace
As he made peace with his World
Imagine all the love it would bring
For every boy and girl
A day full of sunshine
A night made of moonbeams
And in between the moments
Where the memories would dream

If the World could make amends
And heed his gentle call
Think and Speak and Live as one
Is that so hard after all?
The choice is always ours
And not left up to the few
Anything is possible
It’s not that hard to do

If the World could only listen
To the simple thoughts of a child
Who in his brief existence
Made our lifetime more worthwhile
His journey and reflections
Spoke years beyond his youth
As he leaves behind the mature words
And his legacy of truth

If the World could hear Mattie’s Wish
One he made for us and not himself
For peace, love and understanding
Where the whole outweighs oneself
One day we may find the chance
To find the Earth transformed
And live his life’s philosophy
To play after every storm……:)




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