17 07 2013

Parody of Snookeroo ( Ringo Starr)

one, two and more ???

It was shown on the Syfy channel
With little fanfare in the press
A made for TV starring Tara Reid
With a plotline that looked just a mess

Flying JAWS trapped in Tornado winds
And threatening the streets of LA
Oh, sharks did fly and the critics cried
And B movie history made that day

Sharknado, Sharknado, ratings through the roof you know
No one thought that it could swim, but Scyfy gave it green light go
Well, it has killer sharks in killer winds
A once in a lifetime storm cloud
Somewhere Roger Corman smiles and feeling proud
And Sharknado, Sharknado, Sharknado’s the film

The internet and twitter posts
Made the film trend that night
And before the movie finally did end
It was box office dynamite

The buzz and gossip on the street
Has led to what we all knew
You know you can’t keep a good fish down
I read their gonna make Sharknado 2

Sharknado, Sharknado, amphibious horror show
Coming to a screen near you, Syfy channel gave 2 a go
It still has killer sharks in killer winds
But now threatening the New York streets
And if it starred Donald Trump, boy that’ll be neat
It’s Sharknado, Sharknado, Sharknado the film

Sharknado, Sharknado, so many sequels left I know
A money making series as long as it rakes in the dough
If it has killer sharks in killer winds
And a few D actors getting mauled
Next stop Broadway Sharknado… “The Musical”
And Sharknado, Sharknado the film




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