Twas The First Time I Met Her (Ode to Stacey)

8 11 2013

Twas the first time I met her
A Monday morning drive to work
Bumper to bumper traffic everywhere
People acting and driving like jerks

Turned on the radio in desperation
To find relief from this vehicular quest
That’s when I heard the voice of a woman
“This is Stacey Binn. I’ll get you out of this mess”

I looked in the mirror and the backseat
And under my Corinthian seats
I was all alone sitting in my car
Yet in an instance, she continued to speak

“I know you are stuck in this gridlock
DC Metro congestion can be a bare
Relax, Sit Back and enjoy the ride
Wherever your going, I’ll get you there”

As I sat there confused and perplexed
Thinking ” Was she talking directly to me”
My car began to act very strangely
And before my eyes, I couldn’t believe

The left blinker came on all by itself
The steering wheel turned the same way
Then her voice came clear through my speakers
“This is no way to start off your day”

“A quick turn down this side street I know
To get away from the crowd in a hurry
The road is well lined, with sweet honeysuckle vines
Making better time than on the Father Hurley”

No effort at all, my hands by my side
My car acted as if it had a mind of its own
Yet before I had the chance to utter a word
She calmly asks, ” Do you want to hear an Ode?’

With barely a pause she began to recite
A list of poems and prose that she wrote
Odes to peanut butter, hot pants and hairstyles
Odes to Christmas, puppies and sore throats

Each one more entertaining than the last
Wishing that she would never get done
Oh I wish the backup was longer
Listening to her made driving to work so much fun

Before I knew it I was at my job
In the parking lot confused and dazed
This was the first of many said trips
That she aided in my 9 to 5 days

Over the years she guided me
Through the highways, bi-ways and roads
With traffic advice in a voice so nice
Then leaving me in stitches after one of her odes

Some days I scan up and down the dial
In hopes that we’d meet again
When just yesterday I had heard the news
To a better place she did ascend

I wish I could put into words
As she did in the past so eloquently
Yet all I can do is wish you God’s speed
And this thank you note ….Ode to Stacey

Stacey Binn Williams (1950-2013)




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