So Hard To Find

14 06 2016

Standing in the shadow
Looking for love
Give me one more time
That’s what I’m only guilty of
Ain’t no stranger
Nothing at all
Need you so bad I could fall
Slide it slow and easy
Cause it’s so hard to find

Break my heart again
In the shadow of the blues
Lay it down the line
Gonna cry no more for you
Now here I go
To set you free
A soldier in the heart’s city
All I want is all I need
But it’s so hard to find

A heart that wrestles
With too many tears
Is a fool for loving
Willing and ready to appear
My double dealing lady
Just take your life from mine
So easy to regret
Yet still so hard to find

The white snake embarks
Willin the saints and sinners
Sweet talking rhythm and rhymes
Casting out would be winners
Mistreated fool
Turn away the night
Sweet Lady Luck treat me right
Anything in the name of love
Makes it so hard to find

The fortune sailing ships
On course to judgement day
Guided by the rains that blind
Stealing the light away
Easier said
Deep purple clouds embrace the shores
Once easy to erase
Is now so hard to find




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