Tweet Emojis 

20 10 2016

Tweet Emojis 
Tweet Emojis

There’s a new trend with the millennials 
Sending out text and tweets with symbols 
Like cave dwellings found on prehistoric caves
Digital hieroglyphics is the latest craze

First was a fad and people were wary
But now included in dictionaries
People so possessed by a simple click
There’s a version of Moby Dick called Emoji Dick

Tweet Emojis 
Tweet Emojis

Started on Japanese mobile phones
A pictograph by NTT DoCoMo
Sharing emotions with symbolic pics
A shortcut to save on data bandwidth 

Rudimentary signs to express without words
“E” means image and ” Mojo” character
When Google teamed with KDDI AU
That paved the way for the smiling poop

Tweet Emojis 
Tweet Emojis 

So many images to fit your need
A smorgasbord of everything
Found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 
It’s taken over the digital land

A language all it’s own on a stroke of a key
A cartoon alphabet from A to Z
I try to embrace it but I feel so dumb
Damn you small keyboard and my big ass thumbs

Tweet Emojis 
Tweet Emojis 




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