A Day Just Like Duff’s

9 09 2010

A Day Just Like Duff’s
( A Day in the Life )

I thought that you all like to know
To walk in my shoes is so really cool
I live and breathe cakes everyday
I’m paid to work and play
What else more can I say

I dress in my best Bruin gear
Eat sushi and listen to Rock and Roll
This is the best job I have found
Now who could ask for more
A Charmed life in a city
That goes by the name Baltimore

The work here changes day to day
No two cakes here are ever the same
It is my culinary art
And there is no mistake
I’m your Ace of Cakes
I love to make a cake

Wake up, and come my hair ( Yeah Right )
Make sure I have clean underwear
Find my way downstairs and kick start the bike
Cruise through the city to Charm City Cakes
Unlock the door and grab my apron
Time to work and have some fun
Turn around and see all the friends, yahoo
Time to make magic on Remington Avenue

I am so glad you came along
Every Thursday Night at 10 o’clock
There’s one more thing that you should know
One day I might bestow
Your very own cake and a spot on my television show
I love to make a cake


Welcome to Charm City Ace of Cakes ( Reprise )

9 09 2010

Welcome to Charm City Ace of Cakes ( Reprise )
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise )

Welcome to Charm City Ace of Cakes
We hope you enjoyed your treat, it’s true
Welcome to Charm City Ace of Cakes
From the corner of Remington Avenue
Welcome to Charm City
Welcome to Charm City
Welcome to Charm City
Welcome to Charm City
Welcome to Charm City Ace of Cakes
We hope you liked our piece of art
Welcome to Charm City’s one and only Ace of Cakes
We hope we have touched your heart
Welcome to Charm City
Welcome to Charm City
Welcome to Charm City Ace of Cakes

It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime

9 09 2010

It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime
( Good Morning, Good Morning )

It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime
Filming’s begun, it’s time to have fun, oh whoopi
Adam, Elena, Ben ,Mary, Lauren, Sherri
Katherine, Anna, Katie, and Jess
Sofia, Erica, Adrienne, Mark and the rest
It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime
Food Network is back, time to relax, if need be
Cause if you screw up, chances it’ll be, on the TV
Everywhere you look there camera cables
Wrapped around the decorating tables
There’s no where that you can be alone
As they poke you with the microphone
After a bit, you don’t mind it, if they film you
As long as they don’t put your outtakes on You Tube
After awhile you really don’t mind
Even after Take 129
It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime
Cameras invade our Charm City trust
So you at home can bake with us
We’re all glad you’re here and came along
It’s time we cue a soihadto song
The film day is done, we all had fun, it’s now over
Time to relax, kick a few back, at Ottobar
But before you know, there’s the next show
That’s when Duff starts to shout and runs all about
It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime, It’s Showtime

My Charm City

9 09 2010

My Charm City
( Lovely Rita )

My Charm City, Baltimore
My Charm City, Baltimore
My Charm City, Baltimore
Greatest in America
Where else can you do all this in one day
See the U.S.S. Constellation
Sharks and Rain Forest at our famous Aquarium
Or awesome Indie Rock at the Sound Garden
Crab Cakes at Faidley is the place to meet
Walk to the Largest Trash Can on Russell Street
Then catch an O’s game at Camden Yards
My Charm City, Baltimore
May I say discreetly
Though Detroit born
It feels like home to me
Chow down on some great BBQ
Get Classical at the Peabody Institute
Or Fort Henry, where we kicked some British ASS!!!
The Hippodrome has Broadway Shows
Pay respects to Edgar Allen Poe
And catch my band down at the Ottobar
My Charm City, Baltimore
Nothing compares to you
You gave a chance for my dreams to come true

When I Get Real Bored

9 09 2010

When I Get Real Bored
( When I’m Sixty-Four )

When there is nothing round here to do
I go out of my mind
I start to regress to my childhood age
Look at people funny till they shoe me away
Bakery life sometimes gets to me
As I roam the floor
Will you still like me, or slap me politely
When I get real bored
If you get bored too
We both can have some fun
I’ll go crazy with you
I can make noise you never have heard
Wiggle my ears real loud
I can recite every Boston Bruin stat
While wearing a Santa beard made of white fondant
I will play my bass while eating sushi
As I roam the floor
Will you still like me, or slap me politely
When I get real bored
How many cake layers you think it’ll take
From the floor to the ceiling high
Let’s find out today
We’ll stack them oh so neat
Come on, what do you say
I know I’m crazy, it’s plain to see
But it relieves stress
And since I’m the boss of the cake loony bin
Let’s all party till who knows when
Why are you looking , at me that way
As I roam the floor
Will you still like me, or slap me politely
When I get real bored

Liked it or Disliked it

9 09 2010

Liked it or Disliked It
( Within You Without You )

We were talking, about the Harry Potter cake
Hogwarts Castle–our goal and we knew it would be great
On each detail–we did concentrate–and stayed up real late
Styrofoam tiers–made up the castle’s walls
With black fondant–the tiny windows held no light at all
Then journey West–to pass the test–Hollywood calls
Then with gum paste trees and vast amount
of sugar for the lake
Then finally done, the hard part’s next, when we just wait and see
if they liked it or disliked it
Tension mounting, as we walk down the long red carpet
Then came Harry, Mr Daniel Radcliffe
He gave two thumbs up and said ” This is very impressive ”
Then we knew this was the best cake that
Charm City Cakes ever produced
And with a tub of popcorn we
went to watch the film to see
if we liked it or disliked it

Being for the Beneift of Geof Manthrone

9 09 2010

Being For the Benefit of Geof Manthrone
( Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite )

For the benefit of Geof Manthrone
The ladies should be forewarned, about this man
He may look shy but that’s a ruse
He’s debonair and so smooth–that’s the truth
Don’t let his beard, smile and grin seduce you for goodness sake
For this guy used to star in F—-You Let’s Bake
As Geof Manthrone appears low-key
He’s still looks suspicious to me in the bakery
You think that Duff would be so tough, but Geof
He’s the one that you should look out for
The quiet ones are Clue to watch when things become undone
Like Colonel Mustard with the rope in the kitchen
The next time that you see the show
There’s one thing that you have to know, about this guy
He’s not so loud and soft to speak
But he’s up to something every week, that’s no lie
He may seem nice but let us see
A Ham he is and Cheesy to the switch
For the guy went to a school named Sandwich